November 2, 2012

PHO Friday!

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Welp it's 85° degrees and my mind is on fall and soups and COLD WEATHER DANG IT!!! I had my OBSESSION for lunch today....Pho (sounds like DUH!) and introduced my sis in law to it. It's SO good ya'll. If you haven't get to a GOOD Pho place and eat some. It will make you feel all warm and giggling.(I actually was sweating cause apparently those Vietnamese folk don't need AC) But it's so good and I highly recommend it! I may just start Pho Fridays!

I'm totally behind on posting pics of the most darling snow white you've ever seen. The girl was so perfect...she literally took my breath away when I walked in the house and Grammy had her ready to go trick or treating! It was kinda magical. We went to a great Harvest Festival at the church I grew up at. It was pretty spectacular...everything free....candy, inflatables, pony rides, petting zoo, STATE FAIR(very important) roasted corn, corn dogs, hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, firetruck tours, bike giveaways, free bottled water, free photo booth pictures. It rocked our socks off! Thank you SHBC for a great time!

Halloween was a success, I had to take Lailey to the side and reprimand her for picking out only dum dum suckers when given the option to choose her candy.  It was a necessary lesson.  It went a little something like this: ME: (yanking her arm and in a whispered tone) "Lailey! Stop getting SUCKERS! NO MORE SUCKERS!! You only get chocolate from now on!"  Lailey: "uh..okay..."
I'm sad to say it was a little too late and we she got home with very little "good" candy....just as well!

Happy Happy Friday and Weekend all!

Tiny Snow White

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