November 5, 2012

Marvelous Monday!

Well here we are on the eve of probably the greatest presidential election I have ever and may ever have the opportunity to vote in.  I'm not one to get into political debate and really don't like to use any platform to promote my opinions.  However, I have never felt so sure that Christians need to take a Biblical stand and vote with a Godly conscience.  It is THAT important.  I believe we have endured 4 years of a very ungodly man running this country.  If we vote him in another 4 years, I believe our America will slip into history, never to be seen again.

Now..on to more important things! I read a great blog post today that has touched a nerve in my maternal being...a good one. It's a list of 19 things we need to say to our children and say them often!  As Lailey gets older, I see how vitally important my words are to her.  I have to admit, I am a screamer by inheritance...I HATE that about me.  I wish, when I'm frustrated, stressed or in a hurry I would remember more often to talk calmly.  I have one that pushes the limits and often pushes mama to the edge but yelling a command at her NEVER does any good and I want to teach her there is no need to yell to get your point usually does just the opposite.  I really desire to show her that I am her greatest champion, her greatest encourager on this earth besides her Heavenly Father. She LOVES promotion...all kids do.  They love to be told they are loved, missed, cared for, proud of, awesome! L's current fave is, "mom, do I ROCK?"  HECK YES YOU ROCK!!! In fact, if she only knew how much she rocks my world to the core in the best way it's ever been rocked!  Imma start telling her every single day!  I'm sharing this great blog post! READ IT mamas! You'll be glad I reminded you!

They are so worth our positive words
The Maternal Lens


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