About Me

25 Random Things About Me(in no particular order)

1.   I'm a single mom who chose to parent without a spouse and with donor goods :)
2.   I love and use Young Living Essential Oils every.day.
3.   I was born in MO, raised in OK, lived in the San Fransisco Bay Area and Nashville, TN
4.   I have an older brother who is 14 months older than me.  We are very close
5.   I won the school wide Kick, Punt, and Pass tournament in 7th grade.  I have the trophy to prove it
6.   I played football on an all boys team in first grade until my Grandfather put a stop to it.  I also played quarter back on a powder puff football league in Jr. High
7.   In middle school, I seriously thought I might have a chance with Burt Reynolds
8.   I could eat macaroni and cheese every day, at every meal.  I love it THAT much
9.   I have written a 42 chapter fan fiction novel about John ; Marlena, formerly on DOOL(stop laughing)
10. I have a bucket list that includes writing a book. I've got thousands of pages written on 5 different computers and about 100 different journals
11. I've worked as a caregiver, either to children or the elderly, for more than 22 consecutive years
12. I love to cook and dream of starting my own restaurant
13. I've sat on Tim McGraw's bed...the rest is classified information
14. I met Jimmy Stewart, in front of his house in Beverly Hills
15. I once interviewed for a job with one of the creator's of Ninja Turtles. I didn't get it :(
16. My favorite movie, of all time, is The Wizard of Oz
17. I love to read
18. I love to write fiction
19. I have a fantasy of living in a the North of England
20. I love to laugh and make people laugh
21. I believe that Jesus is the Son of the only true and living God and He IS the only way to heaven, contrary to what Oprah says
22. I would love to adopt a child
23. I've experienced many tornadoes, a hurricane, and a major earthquake
24. I'm an Okie at heart but a gigantic piece of me is still in Nashville.
25. I've watched all 6 seasons of Downton Abbey 3 times and my OTP is Carson & Hughes

There, yo!

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