November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursdays!

I'm going to begin a new series of blog posts each Thursday of November. I want to remind myself, if no one else, to be thankful for the beautiful things in my life. And I DO mean beautiful! 

I am thankful today for my mother. I'm thankful that she loves me and loves my daughter with all her heart.  I'm thankful for instilling the foundation of faith I have and surrounding me with love and family.  I'm thankful that in her early married years, she was a good mother and got me and my brother out of a volatile situation and brought us to the safety of family.  She sacrificed a lot to make sure we were secure and happy.  She chose to make a decision that could have cost her life and almost did, at one point when my biological father kidnapped her at gun point. I'm thankful that our well being was her utmost concern. 

I'm thankful that while she has a hard time walking (foot and knee problems) she would go with us last night, to the harvest festival and walk around to please her granddaughter!  I could write a million more things but you get the picture here.  Love you mom! 

It's a whole 30 days of thankfulness....find something in every day to thank God!  He deserves it and it will do your heart good!


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