July 14, 2010

Weighing in on the Terrible Twoness of Refusing to Eat!

I'm frustrated. My once rock star eater is now a picky, refusing to eat just about anything, toddler. Seriously, I kind of prided myself in having a child that would eat so well. I started feeding L solids at 5 months with cereal, etc. then moved on to veggies then fruits. I did all the right stuff at all the right time. She would eat all veggies, fruits, fish, chicken, steak, pasta...just about anything. I never experienced the gagging when introducing different foods, or breakouts, or anything. I mean she was eating guacamole, refried beans, by 9 months and let's face it...she just better get ready for that!

Now, in the last few weeks, she is refusing 90% of food she has eaten for a year! Hot dogs, buh bye. Cheese, NO! Green peas, YUCK! Carrots, Hell no! Turkey sausage, no way! The only things she will eat is fruit and mini pepperoni's....always. I can count on that. She will occasionally eat a pancake or waffle for breakfast, and sometimes eat 2 chicken nuggets for dinner. NO meat, other than the chicken nuggets. I'm honestly not too sad about the meat. But I'm beginning to worry about her nutrition and how its going to start affecting her growth. She drinks 2-3 cups of 2% milk a day and would drink more if I would give it to her. She drinks plenty of water and juice.

We made a move, to a new house, and I'm wondering if that is some of the problem. Although we have been on a much better schedule and regime; eating meals at precise times and sitting together at the dinner table(instead of her in her high chair and me up running around), it still seems like something triggered this. Could it be her age and activity level? She will go for several days refusing to eat much then in one meal eat like a ravenous wolf. Then she seems to be "full" for days on end. However she does have a hard time settling down long enough to stop and eat. She is such a busy todd!

So if you have words of wisdom for this newby...speak up! Tell me your toddler/eating stories. Tell me what you did and what did and didn't work!


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