July 12, 2010

Listen to Your Toddler, If You Don't, You Might Miss The Eagle

I want to encourage you all to listen to your toddler. Even when she babbles and you've turned your bell tone down to "child deaf" range. (This is that range that only kids can hear)When they are outside and continually yelling the same word over and over and will not relent, look up. If you don't you will miss the American Bald Eagle that has just landed within a few yards of you!!

I think i wet myself a little. I'm not sure why, but the ABE (and how cool is it that his initials are ABE...as in ABE Lincoln? How Patriotic and American can THAT be?!) The ABE kind of sends me into a patriotic reverie that makes me a little emotional. I was in my 30's before ever seeing one, in the wild. This is a rare and magnificent occasion. To be so close and yet too far to shake his hand..er..wing. I, of course, did not have my camera handy so I was unable to get a picture for fear I would scare him off to try and fetch it.

So we just stood and stared at him and he at us until something more fun caught his eye(probably a rodent). L didn't have a clue nor could give a care. Her job was done. She alerted us to it. She moved on. But you can bet this is already written in her baby book and by that I mean it's typed into the kiddy base program I have on my phone.


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