July 19, 2010

Monday Morning Praise!

I was pretty blown away this morning when I saw this video in my inbox. I even had a moment of amazing worship, right here in my little living room...EVEN while Sponge Bob played in the background! I just couldn't NOT be moved into worship by it. If you don't understand that..I'm truly sorry. This makes my heart swell with pride, first, for being part of an amazing choir in Nashville that sang this great Richard Smallwood song and then by just being a Nashvillian. And yes, I'm a Nashvillian, even though I'm not living there at the moment, my heart is there. This makes me proud to be a part of a city that isn't afraid to express its faith. It doesn't hurt that it sounds AWE-MAZING!!! Thank you to whoever this director is and thank you to everyone who joined in. I know this won't get national attention. I wish it would but this type of thing...the media just doesn't get!

Have a happy Monday ya'll!


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