July 21, 2010

French Braids At Last...

Isn't it just a rule that if you have a daughter you HAVE to learn how to do all the frilly, fun stuff with their hair?  Well...I tried my hand at french braiding L's hair today. I'm very proud! Well...if you are a french braid expert...don't LAUGH! It's pretty darn good for a first timer. I used to try and french braid friend's hair or my doll's hair when I was younger but it just looked like a birds nest when I finished. In fact, I really didn't know what I was doing so I think I just made up something and thought it was french braiding. Kind of like when I was little and thought I was juggling by just throwing 2 balls up in the air and catching them in the opposite hand. I think i was probably 22 before I learned that wasn't REALLY juggling...no...actually I just did it for L and told her "mommy is juggling"! Sad.

Anyhoo..I think it looks super cute french braided and I will continue my quest to become an expert.  And do you know how freakin' awesome it is to have a daughter that will let me yank and pull on her hair to appease my own needs?!  Pretty darn...

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