July 5, 2010

Indepence Day and All

I've spent the last 3 days celebrating cookouts...er...I mean our Nation's freedom. I have eaten enough to well...blow my diet clear to smithereens. I really hate it when I do that. Blow my diet I mean cause it's SO hard to get back on the wagon. I guess drunks can identify with that. I, in essence, am a food drunk...addict if you will. But I digress.

I enjoyed going back to my home church on the 4th. I mean the church I grew up in. The one where I learned to smoke, drink, cuss, etc. JK! It truly is the place that was a haven for me, as a teenager, in particular. I was somewhat of a wild kid during my teenage years but I had a great love for singing and the Christian music genre during the 80's (Russ Taff, Petra, DeGarmo & Key...) so i was motivated to go to church so I could sing, well and the fact that my parents MADE me go (thanks mom!) This, I'm sure, is what kept me grounded to my faith. But anyhoo...back to the church service. It was a great tribute to church members, those living and deceased, who have served our country. The pyrotechnics at the end were cool and L enjoyed the fountains of sparkly confetti and had to be drug out after the service, kicking and screaming. The music was...well let's just say...when you've had Christ Church Choir, you're pretty much RUINT!

I know it's a couple of days late but to all of you who has served, serving, and will serve in our armed forces, I am grateful to you. I'm grateful that you have dedicated your life so that I may go to a church and worship God openly and without fear. I am grateful to you that my daughter can live in a country that gives her the opportunity to do and be anything she wants. Thank you to my cousin, Joe Lee Cunningham, who has served this country in a tour of duty in Iraq and will deploy again at the end of this year. I love you buddy.

Now...where did I put my Pillsbury Sweet Moments Brownie Bites(OMG..RUN and get some of these)!


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