July 6, 2010

The Smell of Fresh Material Possessions

I went to the mall today for the first time in more than a year. As a rule, I don't frequent malls. I've never liked going...except that one summer that older girl taught me how to steal stuff from Spencer's Gift Shop(I TOLD you I was kind of a wild teenager). But it was for a good cause today. One of my oldest and dearest friends HAS to find an outfit for a wedding. Why is it, when you have to find something specific, it is impossible? You look horrid in everything you try on. If you tried on the same thing for no reason, it would look spectacular! So I packed the todd in the car, pigtails and all, and off we went. This mall happens to be my very fav in OKC. What I didn't remember was that I did not have a stroller with me. Not a problem, cause I just rented one of those germ infested mall strollers. L had a ball cause she thought she was in a miniature golf cart since that is the only thing she actually gets to pretend like she is driving. Oh..it was a race car mall stroller, to clarify.

It was fine, for about an hour, but then she was over it. She wanted out, down, free. I, of course, did not let this happen except for going into the restrooms at Dillard's. She yelled as loud as she could as soon as I lifted her out, "FREEEE!" I'm not sure where she learned this. Whilst washing my hands, she bolted for the door WAY...no door in fancy smancy department store restrooms...and I literally had to RUN, full speed, to catch her in the panty department. She was wearing her black, designer sunglasses the whole time, so she totally fit in. She caused quite a stir and proceeded to lay down and act like a sack of potatoes while trying to pick her up. It was fun. Never again without the stroller...I know...dumb...WHAT was I thinking? I've been a mom for almost 2 years... We went to 2 other specialty shops (no car strollers to rent) and in one, I was nearly asked to leave because she wound up in the store room. If this shop had something sordid going on in their back room...i would have witnessed it because I had to go in there like it was my house and fetch her. She is just all about making herself at home...anywhere.

I will close with this thought. As I walked through the upscale department stores , I had a moment of melancholy. I remembered the days when i was able to afford these stores and wondered if I would ever be able to again. The smell of luxury wafted through the air and it actually made me SAD! I almost spent $52 on the CUTEST outfit for L. I, fortunately, came to my senses and didn't do it. I could've bought 3-4 outfits...just as cute....at Target. I'm not gonna lie and tell you I had some kind of epiphany while at the mall. I didn't feel like a heathen or that I should repent. I didn't covet anything, I was just sad, for a moment, that things are different...financially. I enjoy luxury things and that's okay. But what I was filled with shortly after I left the mall was a sense of peace and contentment. I'm okay with where I am. I'm thankful for everything I have and thankful I can afford the life I live now. It's awesome, it's blessed, it's rich, and what is more luxurious than driving a 2002 buick le sabre? Seriously...it's like lumbering in a limo! Oh and you should SEE the stuff I bought for L...at where else? that little french shop with the big red bullseye!

Nighty night all

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