January 3, 2013

Here We Go!!!!

So- it's been awhile since I've been here. We left for vacation in Nashville and then headed down to the sunny Emerald Coast in Florida. WE had such a special and fun 10 days! We made it back after our trip through 8 different states and 14 hours on the road and got slammed with every kind of Christmas, holiday, cheer there was to have. Christmas parties and holiday events, Christmas programs and dance programs and school parties and shopping and wrapping and cookie parties and family get together's, a carriage ride through downtown to look at Christmas lights, SANTA and his cookies, reindeer and their carrots, squealing and jumping up and down, eating YUMMY food and laughing with family and friends. Ultimately giving thanks and saying thank you to the One that makes everything good in our lives possible. Jesus! JESUS! You are and will forever be our greatest gift and joy.

We have survived the last several weeks without sickness(knocking on wood now), without major upheaval and WITH lots of fun and love. I know precious families who have lost loved ones, right here at home. I am reminded of the horrible tragedy in Connecticut and those moms and dads that likely sat around at Christmas with the biggest hole in their heart. I've prayed for them and cried for them...those and the ones here at home. Loss is so great and it darkens the holidays...every year after. I pray that the love of God and light of Jesus will shine so brightly in their lives especially at the holidays.

Smashbook page 1
We are in 2013...a date, as a child, that seemed from outer space but here we are. We survived the "end of the world" according to the Mayans..that wasn't so bad but yet we still have to face Obama and whatever his true agenda is. God help us. Protect us. I'll write more as the days come. I'm in LOVE with my new Smashbook! Go get you one...SO.MUCH.FUN!!! Here are pictures of our days the last few weeks! Enjoy and HAPPY 2013!!! May God richly bless you and your family!

Love, L
A little doodle I did for the inside cover of my Smashbook!
Telling Oscar goodbye...it was a little sad!

So pretty!

So happy it snowed Christmas Day!

CLEAN!(not for long)

Devon Energy Building GIGANTIC Christmas Balls they were SO cool!

OK Premiere Carriage...GOOOOOD People!

Sneaky Oscar helped us grow candy canes!

The BEST sugar cookies EVAH! Box of Funfetti Cake Mix and Follow these directions!

My new coffee TOY=LOVE

It's SNOWED!! So perfect!

New Year's Black Eyed Peas!

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