June 24, 2010

Warning: New Kitchen Appliance and New Recipe Could Result in Teaching Your Children Swear Words

So my newest kitchen appliance, a snazzy, silver and red Wolfgang Puck WPPCR005 5-Quart Electronic Pressure Cooker, thanks to my sweet brother and sis in law, ruined my evening yesterday.  Yep! Ruined and subsequently caused Murphy's Law to activate and go wild over the course of about 2 hours.

The 115° heat index helped NOTHING yesterday...from attitudes to actual physical health.  I wanted to use my new PC so I settled on a weight watchers recipe only to find I didn't have ONE ingredient.  So going to GET it at the only option grocery, and then THEM not having it, was irritating at best.  But, I can improvise when it comes to cooking so that's what I was going to do.  I got every single ingredient dumped in the cooker, plugged the snazzy lil thing in and............WAH WAH WAAAAAH(think Let's Make a Deal)....NOTHING!  It would NOT come on.  I tried a zillion things, got on the internet, reread the book...to no avail.  Now I was the pressure cooker, the steam had started...you could actual see small amounts starting to come out my ears!

My darling daughter was absolutely unsympathetic and I'm surprised she is not saying the plethora of swear words she undoubtedly heard last evening.  I tried to mutter them under my breath but you know toddlers...they have radar ears and understand PERFECTLY when you barely breathe the S word or God forbid the mother of all cuss words! I know..i'm awful.  In fact she was so uncooperative that she thought it would be funny to dump an entire basket of markers, sidewalk chalk, and plastic eggs in the middle of the kitchen floor.  She might as well of dumped tacks, banana peels, and marbles out.  Oh and she did it right behind me, and with total silence, so I had no idea when I turned to walk back across the kitchen.   It was like a scene from Tom and Jerry!

So after that, mom yelling, baby squalling, plastic eggs flying, I tripped and dropped a can of diced tomatoes (juice and toms everywhere), opened the frig and a entire container of blueberries hit the floor, scattering like...well a whole container of blueberries.  I am breathing deeply, counting, trying to exercise some sort of calm.  I managed to finally get something on the table..er...highchair tray for L to eat at 7:30 ONLY to fight with her about eating her dinner and not playing with it.  She refused to eat anything but 1/2 a can of ranch style beans.  And do I need to explain to ANYONE what happened in her diaper about an hour after THAT??? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I mean it was just the cherry on the cake of the day!  The bath I was going to forego was now necessary!

We somehow got in bed before 10pm but I now had a crockpot full of ingredients that was going to take HOURS to cook as opposed to minutes.  I had to set my alarm to wake up, turn the CP off, and then wait for it to cool so I could put it in the frig. UGH!!

It's morning and everything is new and better.  We are alive and well and able to laugh at yesterday's antics.  Thank you God for a sense of humor and for my awesome, funny, sassy, and healthy, daughter. I'm thinking of the Potvin family and what they would give today to have their sweet Ellie pour a bucket of things across the kitchen floor.

Love on your kids today and maybe do take out! :)

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  1. This made me laugh so hard, because I've been there. You are right, when I am wiping honey off the walls (from the boys trying to be Spiderman) to wondering if I will ever take a bath again without little army men floating about, I have to stop and be thankful that I still have those things to clean up. My college roommate's son died unexpectedly when he was 6 years old and I know she'd do anything to have his mess to clean up again. Way to laugh it all off and start a new each day! Love your blog!!