November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

Well it's another thankful Thursday post! All month...thankful for a lot and lettin' you know on Thursdays!

Today I am reflective and thankful for my sweet little lamb. I am blessed to be mommy to a bright, silly, sensitive and FUNNY little girl! I keep promising to tell her "story" how she got here and I will..promise! It's a miracle, the greatest dream come true and I'm blessed to be her mommy! We have fun, we laugh our heads off, we snuggle and cuddle and play with each other, she is my sous chef, my side kick, my helper and soul mate. I can't remember life without her and I can hardly believe she is already 4! Where does the time go, truly? She started Pre-K this year which just blows my mind! PRE-K! Next year...we are full blown KINDERGARTEN! CRAY CRAY!

I hope you will reflect on what is worthy of thanks in your life. I pray every reader is blessed beyond measure this holiday season! GIVE THANKS!


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