September 8, 2010

A New Chapter

I'm closing out a very busy and stressful couple of days a little early tonight.  The toddler's bag is packed to stay the next few nights with Grammy.  Mommy is starting our new adventure in the big city on her own.  This folks... is going to be tough, much more for her than me, I'm sure.  She's pretty attached to me but is nutty about her Grammy too.  She will wonder where I am and ask "where mommy go?" and once mom tells her, she'll go right on playing or watching her "shows."  She'll make it.  I may not.

I'm anxious but looking so forward to being back in the workforce after 2 long years of staying at home.  It will be an adjustment, mainly having to be presentable to the human public before 10am, but one that I think I'm going to transition into with much ease. 

Pray for me ya'll.  Pray for Lailey.  This will be an adjustment for both of us and my heart feels a little wrung out when I think about not being here with my mom on a daily basis.  She may come and help us for a while, but it will be different.  I know mommies all over have to do this every day and I know we can do it.  Time to put on my big girl panties. 

Look out big city....Big L and Lil L is comin'!


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