June 14, 2010

Getting Off The Pot...

So starting a blog is not an easy task. I’ve been trying for 3 weeks to set up my own domain with Wordpress and I’m frustrated and tired of trying. I wanna get on with it..the talking..the writing. But as I’m clicking my way through the ridiculously vast number of mom blogs, particularly, I’m feeling really intimidated. I made the mistake of Googling (is that an actual verb now?) the best of the best mom blogs. And I am NOT gonna lie ya’ll..I’m scared to death! These chicks, who are at the TOP, according to…the world wide…federation…of mommy bloggers(?) are freakin’ bad to the bone! I’m not gonna mention any today but I’m just sayin’…I WAAANNNA BEEEE THEEEEM!!! I want to find my voice the way they have.
I know this is going to be a chore. It’s not going to be easy. One thing, I’m a MOM and finding time to write, think, create, is difficult, to say the least. But I feel the pull to do it. Another complex issue will be finding that right voice inside of me. I have many..shhh…don’t tell. What I mean is, there is that part of me who wants to write a blog in that naughty girl voice. The one that cusses a little too much, is a little too outspoken, passionate yet controversial, funny and a little off color. I want to make fun of people and criticize and have a constant sarcastic banter going and tell all the problems of the relatives that piss me off and…things…such as that. Then there is that best selling author chick that wants to live on the beach and drive a convertible and do nothing but drink coffee, play with my kid, smoke cigarettes on the veranda that overlooks the ocean and write from 10pm to 2am about political crap that we can’t do anything about and endangered sea turtles and that kinda thing. But…the loudest voice in me, that happens to be the smallest, too often, is the one that wants to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. I want to write in such a way that it compels moms, dads, kids, flowers, plants, sea turtles, to WANT to know God the way I know Him. To experience what I’ve experienced in being His child and devoting my life, ultimately, to His will. To know a love that has no limits and that is CrAzY real! I want to be His voice more than anything. I will tell my story about having my daughter and everything that goes along with it. I pray it helps someone who was supposed to read my blog.
So here's to getting off the pot, as they say. I'm jumping in and I can't say those other girl's voices won't show up here at times, and I can promise it won't be perfect writing, grammar, & punctuation, but I'll do my best to be a diligent little mommy blogger.

Have fun! ~ L

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