July 30, 2010

Oh My Nashvile

And when I say Oh My Nashville...I mean as in... MY Nashville...MINE!  All mine!  I am here..I'm here...I'm finally here after 8 long months of being away.  I'm so happy I can't even express myself.  And my computer is dying so I won't try.  Not as in going to laptop heaven but the battery is nearly gone.  I am here with my dear dear friend, watching It's Complicated(rent it NOW if you haven't seen it)! Baby has talked non stop since we got off the plane.  She's having the time of her life.  She called a fellow at the mexican restaurant last night, "daddy".  Hmmm....wonder if there's something SHE knows that I don't?!

Have a GREAT weekend ya'll!  I know I'm going too.  Tomorrow...Aunt Coco will be here. WOOT!

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